1. Controller
    • FIMX Oy (Business ID: 0946189-0)
      Mikonkatu 6 C
      00100 HELSINKI
  2. Contact Details for Register-related Matters
    • Data protection officers for FIMX-service, email:
  3. Name of Register
    • FIMX Service Resident Register
  4. Content of Register
    • The FIMX Service Resident Register contains information provided by Data Subjects or created at the request or consent of Data Subjects. The register can contain the following information:
    • — basic information, including first and last names
      — place and date of birth
      — possibly social security number
      — language
      — contact information (including current address, postal address, apartment number, phone numbers and email addresses)
      — change of address (including previous postal address, time of moving out and in)
      — rent liability
      — possible residential permit
      — additional information about housing (including possession of keys and water, parking, sauna and laundry facility fees)
      — the information included in the emergency plan
  5. Regular Sources of Information
    • Our primary sources of information are the residents who are Data Subjects, and may, for example, provide personal data in their rental agreement, via the FIMX Service or FIMX Oy’s or a third party’s website or by telephone during customer service calls. Information is also collected from FIMX’s customer organisations using automatic data transfer or via FIMX Service Users on the basis of the consent of the Data Subject, a residential relationship or another legitimate interest. In special cases, data can also be collected from the registers of the authorities, such as the Population Register Centre.
  6. Disclosure of Data
    • FIMX is entitled to disclose data included in the FIMX Service Resident Register in accordance with applicable legislation and the normal functions of the FIMX Service with due consideration to the necessity requirement and within the scope of the rights and obligations specified in the terms of use. However, we will not disclose information to parties outside the EU or EEA. Unless required by law, personal data is not regularly disclosed to third parties except for the purposes specified above.
    • If it follows from the context that the data included in the register forms a register for a FIMX customer organisation (for example a housing company), the customer organisation and FIMX are then parallel controllers.
    • Only registered organisations and Users can be authorised to access the personal data in the FIMX Service in accordance with the normal functions of the FIMX Service and within the scope specified in the terms of use. These organisations and users only have access to the data directly or indirectly relevant to the organisation or User in question and their access rights are limited. The organisations registered for the FIMX Service act as parties who process data and are thereby bound by the instructions provided by FIMX as well as legal obligations.
  7. Changes
    • FIMX regularly investigates and assesses its use of personal data as part of its business development and in connection with any legal amendments. FIMX is unilaterally entitled to change this privacy statement by providing notice of the matter in an expedient manner.